hey everyone who is still in school well we have 5 more days and i cant wait to open all my wonderful gifts and stuff cuz i some rlly kool things like my baby phat coat and etc... well ya and then afta that i get to go to my aunt jackie house and then afta back home to use my new stuff lol well yup gonna be lots of fun and well thats all<3333
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Hey i am so happy cuz last night i broke up wit brian he now fells like shyt but o well i like eddie so much now that he so sweet hearted to me
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bout me

hey ppl my name is stephanie and i am so happy that it is summa now cuz my b-day is comin up very soon it is on july 14th and ill be turnin 16 and yes i have a bf and his name is eddie and he is 18 yrs old and he is very nice and well im am so happy this thrusday im goin campin which should be lots of funn and i most likly be goin to da ocean everyday if it dont rain and well if u wanna u can im me at bootylicius714 and well latta all stephanie
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yo im so happy that it is summa and omg nomore fuckin gay ass north smithfield cuz im goin to woonsocket high next year. If u can`t tell i love my bf eddie alot. So next thrusday im goin campin until the 8th of july or the 9th which is gonna be so much fun then july 14th im turnin sweet 16 cant wait..... and then me and my cousin courtney are goin to six flags in august hopefully.... and i have a myspace account and aim sn which is bootylicius714 well latta

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